About us


The purpose of the BMAAT is to work for the smooth integration of people of Bhutanese origin into the mainstream of the USA. To advocate for access to resources and education opportunities so that families can make successful advancement of cultural, economic, and social transition in the USA. To empower the people through skill development and other related projects.


BMAAT was Founded on 2008, received 501(c)3 on Sept 25, 2009, and incorporated on Dec 8, 2012.


To create a just society which can foster the human dignity and well-being of all.


To Improve the life of the community through active participation and became self-reliant and independent. Work closely with the resettlement Agencies for dignified resettlement. To assist vulnerable refugees such as disabled children and seniors. Promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the community within the context of a changing environment. Build a healthy relationship all the communities in Tucson through mutual understanding and cooperation.

We Appreciate Your Support!?

Our Mission is to Help Refugees Adopt the American Culture and Become Contributing Citizens